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SunJack 120 Watt Solar Kit - Includes Two 60 Watt Foldable Solar Panels with Parallel Adapter Cable

SunJack 120 Watt Solar Kit - Includes Two 60 Watt Foldable Solar Panels with Parallel Adapter Cable

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What's in the box :
  • 2 x SUNJACK 60 Watt Portable Solar Panels
  • 1 x SUNJACK Y-Branch Parallel Adapter Splitter Cable
  • 2 x SUNJACK Carabiners per Solar Panel
  • 1 x Adapter Cable (DC5521 to DC5521 + XT60 + Anderson) per Solar Panel
  • 10 x DC cable head adapters per solar panel (4.0*1.7mm, 5.5*1.7mm, 5.5*2.5mm, 5.5*3.0mm, 6.0*3.0mm, 6.5*4.4mm, 7.9*0.9mm, 7.9*5.5mm, 8.0*2.0mm, 5.5*2.1mm female to female)
  • Quickstart Guide
  • Solar Panel Manual
  • 2 Year Hassle Free Warranty
  • Energy Independence!
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The SunJack 120 Watt Solar Charger Kit - Compact, Powerful and Weatherproof

Designed in the USA. Backed by a local American company.

  • PARALLEL SOLAR PANEL CONNECTION: Connect two 60 watt solar panels to a single power supply for a combined maximum output of 120 watts. When connecting the two 60 watt solar panels using the included parallel adapter cable, the connection will combine the output current (amps) of each solar panel, but the output voltage will remain unchanged. For example, if connecting two solar panels that each produce 22 volts and 2.7 amps, the total combined output will equal 22 volts and 5.4 amps. Re-charge devices such as power stations or solar power generators much faster than when using only a single solar panel, or use the solar panels separately to charge multiple devices at the same time.

  • RUGGED & DURABLE: The weatherproof ETFE exterior layer improves performance and durability, extends the panel’s lifespan and requires far less maintenance when compared to a PET exterior layer that is used by most portable solar chargers. The USB ports are waterproof rated IP67 – the PCB is coated with a waterproof seal and the junction box is silicone bonded to the panel. Waterproof, shock-proof, dust-proof and drop-proof. Designed for all weather conditions and environments

  • COMPACT & PORTABLE: Each 60W panel folds down to the size of a laptop and easily fits into most backpacks. The pocket provides storage space for electronics and accessories, and the mesh design intuitively allows proper airflow to prevent devices from overheating. The elastic straps secure phones, power banks and more during storage and transportation.

  • POWERFUL & FAST CHARGING SPEEDS: With up to 120 watts of power (60 watts for each solar panel), the monocrystalline panels with ETFE construction provide maximum efficiency and UV-ray permeability. Each solar panel's 22V DC5521 port provides enough charging power for most power stations and DC powered devices, while the dual USB ports allow you to charge USB-C (PD 30W) and USB-A (18W max) devices. The ETFE construction provides a UV permeability of 95% compared to 80% from PET - makes the panels more efficient than other solar chargers

  • SMART TECHNOLOGY: Built-in smart IC chip intelligently identifies your device and maximizes charging speed while protecting from overcharging. Short circuit, over-load, over-heat, over-charge, over-voltage, over-current and current limiting protection. Automatic restore if shade occurs.

  • PREMIUM FEATURES & DESIGN: Includes premium features to ensure you have everything you need for seamless charging on the go. The built-in kickstands allow you to angle the panels towards the sun or, alternatively, attach the included carabiners to the panel's grommets and hang the panels from different objects. The included adapter cable and DC plug adapters ensure compatibility with a wide range of devices.

  • MULTI-USE: Solar panels are compact enough to easily transport and powerful enough to charge most devices. Ideal for camping, backpacking, hiking, outdoor adventures and is essential in any disaster, emergency, and hurricane prep kit for survival. Each solar panel can charge a wide range of electronic devices, including devices such as power stations that accept DC, as well as any USB device including your iPhone, Samsung, Pixel, iPad, laptops, power banks and more. Never be caught without power.

  • PARALLEL ADAPTER CABLE: Made from premium materials, safe to use and very durable. Outer PVC insulation is thick, scratch and corrosion resistant, and flexible. Max voltage is 300V. The main cable gauge is 18AWG and can carry a max 8A current. Each branch cable is 20AWG and can carry a max 5A current. Total cable length is 10ft – main cable is 7ft long and each branch cable is 3ft long. The extended length lets you easily connect two solar panels to a power source. Cable can be used in a variety of setting and with all low voltage DC powered devices that are compatible with DC 5.5mm x 2.1mm, such as CCTV Security Cameras, LED Lights and more.

Full 100% Satisfaction Guarantee:
If for any reason you are not satisfied, please email us - We will keep you powered!

For International Shipments, Please Note:
Customer is responsible for all duties and taxes on international shipments. International shipments are restricted to certain countries - please refer to the International Shipping section of our Shipping Info page for more details.

Solar Panel (the details listed below pertain to one 60W solar panel, unless otherwise specified):
Solar Capacity 60 Watts (120 Watts Total Combined)
Solar Cell Type Monocrystalline
Outer Construction ETFE
Dimensions (Closed) 11.5" x 14.5" x 2"
Dimensions (Open) 47" x 14.5" x 1"
Net Weight (one panel) 5.25 lbs (2.38 kg)
Output Port 1 USB-C (PD 30W)
Output Port 2 USB-A (5V/3A, 9V/2A, 12V/1.5A)
Output Port 3 DC5521 (22V)
Rated Peak Power (Pmax |W) 60 Watts
Open Circuit Voltage (Voc |V) 26.4 V
Short Circuit Current (Isc |A) 2.6 A
Max Power Voltage (Vmp|A ) 22 V
Max Power Current (Imp |A) 2.5 A
Module Efficiency (%) 24%
Operating Temperature (°F/°C) -4°F to 149°F (-20°C to 65°C)
Standard Test Conditions 1000W/m2, 25°C, AM1.5
Parallel Adapter Cable:
Total Cable Length 10ft
Main Cable Length 7ft
Branch Cable Length (each) 3ft
Plug Size DC 5.5mm x 2.1mm
Main Cable Gauge 18AWG (8A max current)
Branch Cable Gauge (each) 20AWG (5A max current)
Max Voltage 300V